Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc. Forestry Mowing & Land Management Solutions
Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc.    Forestry Mowing & Land Management Solutions


Integrity Lawn Service & Supply, Inc. is unique in its offerings. Centrally located in WI we offer not only lawn services & small engine sales and service, but an additional and fully developed division of Forestry Mowing and supplemental Land Management Services such as herbicide application management programs. We take pride in our ability to work with private and public land owners to manage Wisconsin's diverse terrestrial and aquatic landscapes. Our Forestry Mowers are some of our best land management tools and can reach areas that a regular tractor or bushhog cannot.

Short & long term land management goals using forestry mowing & supplemental land management services can help you...

Forestry Mowing

Looking for a fast and economical way to improve your land?

We have the answer....


Fecon BH74SS Bull Hog Forestry Mower or Ground Shark Extreme Mower on our ASV RT-120 Forestry Track Skid Loader


This powerful and versatile machine shreds and mulches brush and small trees up to 6" in diameter with exceptional speed.  What would take days or weeks to cut by hand, only takes a few hours with the Fecon Mower or Ground Shark. Rates start at $190.00 per hour with discounts available for larger projects.

Invasive Species

Buckthorn, honeysuckle, and multifloral rose are just some of the many invasive species that are thriving in Wisconsin. These plants displace native woodland vegetation, degrade wildlife habitat, and displace rare plants.  Ultimately, they will cause long term degradation of forests by forming an impenetrable layer, shading out native trees and shrub seedlings.  With the Forestry Mower or Ground Shark mower we can start the process of eliminating these species that threaten our lands.   We also provide chemical treatment services and sell the chemicals at wholesale prices.

Cost sharing or grants funds may be available from your local DNR. 

Supplemental Services we offer to manage your land...

Herbicide application to abate undesireable trees, often invasive buckthorn

Full service invasive species control

Tree release and tree planting

Food plot installation and maintenance


The possibilities are endless......

  • Mow recreational use trails
  • Create brush and composting piles
  • Maintain parks & golf courses
  • Assist in storm clean up
  • Create deer lanes and wildlife pathways
  • Clear and maintaince your land
  • With forestry/logging projects
  • Create fire breaks to decrease wildfire risk
  • Restore Wildlife habitat
  • Assist in tree release
  • Control invasive species
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