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Chemical Treatment

An important part of any invasive treatment or land improvement plan is chemical treatment.


Chemical treatment as an alternative to mowing. We understand that some areas may be sensitive or difficult to reach with a forestry mower. You can elect to have your site treated with a basal bark treatment. Our licensed and certified applicators apply chemical to individual trees with a backpack sprayer. After a few months the trees die, stopping the spread of unwanted trees.


What good does it do to forestry mow only to have it grow back next year? If you elect to forestry mow, we strongly recommend you follow up the following growing season with a foliar application. With a sprayer we target any regrowth of the mowed area. It may take a few applications to completely eradicate invasive species.


We also offer chemical sales if you prefer to spray your unwanted vegetation yourself. You can purchase the chemicals at our Ripon store.

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